Best Trade Management Tool for MT4

Why Choose Quick Trading Pad

Quick Trading Pad helps you place trades manually with more accurate and 10x faster than normal manual MT4 Trading


Quick Instant Orders

It provides Buy/Sell Instant executable market calls withh TP & SL


Quick Pending Orders

With Build in price action strategies you can achieve 85% profits


Easy Trade Manager

It Supports Multiple Time frame analysis & Trades


Money Management System

It provides 90% accurate trends for multiple time frames in same chart


Professional User Interface

It provide instant Trade notification through MT4, Mobile & Email push


10X Faster EA

Support Includes Installation & Tutorial Based 24/5 market timing

Most Accurate Trade Pad for MT4

For All Type Of traders

Quick trading Panel helps you place traders in single click most faster with 10x speed. It's one of the best handy tool which helps you place Instant orders, Pending orders, Edit & Close your orders more effective Manager. A trader can easily place orders by placing lines into the chart. It will automatically get the Entry, Target & Stop Prices.

It's one of the most accurate Trading Pad which helps you calculate lot size automatically by %money & %balance from your account. It's more user-friendly EA which moves your trading carrier into a more professional way.


10x Faster for Scalping Trading

Instant Orders Options

You no need to have pro trading knowledge for good money management system placing Instant orders. Because Quick trading panel makes your trading easier and professional way to make scalping and swing trading. It calculates Lot sizing automatically by percentage from your capital and Money. Also, This EA Picks Entry, Target and stop-loss prices from lines you draw in your charts.

Quick Trading Pad For MT4

How it works

Quick trading panel EA is one of the best manual trading tool that helps you initiate trades 10x faster manually with 100% accurate money management system.


Instant Orders

It helps you place trades with auto calculation of lot-sizing by percentage from money and balance from your account, Also You just need to draw a line, EA will automatically get Entry, target and stop prices to initiate trades. You can close the profits and negative trades just one click on news release timings too.


Pending Orders

Placing pending orders more easy with auto lot sizing option, Also there is no need to type entry, target and stop prices. Just draw the lines and select the order type. EA will automatically place the trades. Also, order closing systems included.


Order Management

You no need to have a pro trader knowledge to use deeper order options like Break even and partially closing orders. Also, you can manage the orders here with more accurate manner.

Schedule your trades in more advance Place Pending orders with 100% accurate

Expert traders don't wait for the breakouts, They find the breakouts earlier and place pending orders to get the profits on exact breakouts. Our quick trading panel helps you place pending orders with a good money management system with 100% accurate.

  • Just place the lines to get EA Entry, Target and stop prices.
  • Select the Order type whether it's Buy/Sell limit or Buy/Sell Stop order
  • Select risk percentage for your trades using % balance or % from capital
  • You also manage multiple pending orders in this panel easily

Never Miss a Profit Oportunity

Control Your Trades

Most of the traders won't control their trades after they initiate the trades. Using Quick Trading Panel EA you can now Change TP & SL Prices, Partially Close, Close your orders instantly. Also you can set breakeven for your trades with percentage from your risk. It's more easiest way to manage your trades with good money management system

Get the 10x Faster Quick Trading Pad EA For you

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Access a complete Quick trading pad with 100% accurate Money management with trade placer.
Lifetime Updates and Support
  • fees icon10x Faster trade placement with 100% accurate system
  • pay iconInitiate instant & pending orders using line placer tool
  • reporting icon Supports MT4 All Brokerage
  • reporting icon24/5 technical support & Lifetime Free Updates
Get Your License Now
No, Quick trading pad licensed to 5 MT4 Licenses. You can also change 2 MT4 accounts in future for free.
Yes, It comes with installation and Usage Guide with Video Tutorials. Also Remote support also available
Yes, It works all the brokerage who supports MT4 platforms
No, It's purely made for quick trading with most accurate money management system. It's the best tool for manual trading
Have Any Queries? Are you not clear how it works!!

The quick Trading panel is one of the fastest Expert advisors for MT4 to place instant & Pending orders. Also, it comes with a money management tool that helps you make consistent profits in forex.

  • Simple tool that helps to remove human errors while placing trades
  • Best tool for Scalpers, Short term and Swing traders
  • Manage your orders, closing all profits and loss trades in a single click
  • User-friendly design gives you rich trading experience

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